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Penpa is a literature group that focuses on challenging and improving ourselves as writers. Participate in contents, give and receive critique and discover new and upcoming writers within the deviantArt community.
All kinds of original literature welcome!
Founded 7 Years ago
Feb 24, 2011


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Art Creation

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260 Members
205 Watchers
17,312 Pageviews
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Who are we?
We're a literature group that aim to include good quality pieces of literature and share them with the rest of the writing community. Please be sure to proof read your work before submitting to this group otherwise you may find your deviations have been declined.
We accept everything except fan-fiction. This group focuses on original literature and making you challenge yourself.

What do you do?
We organise regular contest and prompts so if you're ever short of inspiration or want to challenge yourself, then stick around.


If you're interested then please :+devwatch: or join our group!
If you have any queries then please send us a note and we'll be happy to help.

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I close my eyes
The sounds draw me in,
I am the music
Is such happiness a sin?
I sway slightly
A smile on my lips,
The stereo vibrates slightly
I love the sound of music,
Reality falls away
I'm floating in a dream,
I keep the rhythms at bay
The music is bursting at the seams,
I wake up and then
I'm creating the music
My fingers dance on keys,
Besides the dream, I feel nothing,
I'm floating away
The music is carrying me,
I wish I could stay,
How happy I'd be…
As the music fades,
It becomes a memory,
For the rest of the day
I feel so happy…
:icongummybearkar:GummyBearKar 4 18
Suicide Note
    I grabbed a sheet of paper and a pen. Tears ran down my face as I quickly scrawled a message to my friends. I had six. They were the only things that had kept me going for so long. After I was finished writing, I put the piece of paper into an envelope and wrote their names on the front. Underneath their names, I wrote not to open the box until the letter had been read. Then I put the small velvet box next to the envelope and put them on the corner of my desk. They were the only things there, they would get noticed instantly.
    I snuck into my parents bedroom. Neither of them were home, so no one would notice. But I was careful anyway, taking the gun out of my Dad's sock drawer. I went back to my room, made sure it was loaded, and sat down on my bed. A million things ran through my mind, and more tears came to my eyes.
    Sam and I bickering over stupid things. Percy, Sadie, and I playing in the kids park, even though w
:iconphoenixmist:PhoenixMist 210 145
Within the squealing, rusty gates,
Tombstones stand as silent guards.
We've heard many a chilling tale
Of souls who haunt the graveyards.
We are young; we don't believe
The peaceful dead would do us harm.
Confident, we soon unearth
The secret to their eerie charm.
People disappear, they say,
Those who go to churn the soil—
Grave robbers,
The undertaker—
Seized by those whose rest they spoil.
Creeping by the watchful stones,
The fog grows thicker with every breath.
Oh, how I wish we could have known
What truly bore the mask of death!
An ominous silence blankets us
As the shroud of vapor slowly lifts.
We toss each other wide-eyed looks
Right before creation shifts.
Suddenly, we're thrust apart by
Writhing dirt.
I stumble back, I hit the fence,
My lungs labor beneath my shirt.
I grasp the cold, unfeeling bars
Of the black and rusty graveyard cage
And pull myself to a nearby oak.
I climb and watch the lurid stage.
Chaos reigns as I see
:iconslayerzakeil:SlayerZakeil 16 23
While Mountains Slumber
While mountains slumber, valleys scream
toward these midnight skies,
and age old trees howl at the moon
their foolish age old lies,
a spirit whispers through the night,
a song to soothe the dark
that casts a light upon the dead
that wander in their march.
This forest roars up at the sky
to stars that idly sit
beside their eminence and doubt
above this endless pit,
where death and mayhem's running wild
and ghosts, they haunt the black
and curse up towards that vacant sky
as creatures chew their backs.
With eyes of gold upon their brow
they watch the bloodshed ring
and turn their heads far from it all
while aging sirens sing.
And as the angels weep and cry
these diamond souls get washed
upon some crystal shores with ease
from seas forever lost.
:iconalexscott1990:AlexScott1990 6 7
I have to say, this is one of the oddest and most intriguing messages I have ever received.  I thought I'd share it with you.

We don’t have time to think. Yet you are searching for answers here.  Good for you. Many of you have no time to read this. But this edition is  on sale. It’s limited and you may get a prize.

Check your spam inbox if you have Gmail. I found out I won the lottery there.

Did you know that spam is used to send secret messages in some factions?

An anagram for listserve is: Evil Rests. Each time we open these messages, it seems 'tis is true. Angry internet sleeps.

Relax and breathe when you read these emails. QUIT SKIMMING! Or unsubscribe!

Connect.  1,2,3,4. Let’s stop staring at these screens all the time. They are  everywhere! Look at the cosmos. And how about neglected family members?  It is frustrating watching people whom actively seek and learn more  about celebrities rather than keeping in touch and finding out about  their own families and friends. Then I realized I know Robin Lehner’s  save percentage in Binghamton.

23 and me. Why not try that service in lieu of my youthful ignorance to ancestry?

News, weather, sports, entertainment: Escapism.

Drugs, alcohol, sex, rock and roll: Why do we all seek escape? Good answer there if you find it.

On  that note, John Titor wrote a great story. HST said Revelations was  amongst the best work of fiction he read. Frederick Exley: A Fan’s  Notes: recommended read. Seahawks win the Super Bowl in 2013.

SHOUTOUT TO THE 2 Listservers in Bosnia and 3 in Ghana! *as of writing.

Mental  illness and depression should not be taboo. We all know people who  suffer. If you have it, talk. If they have it, listen. Some confuse the  lost ones as being cowards. THEY are the selfish ones.  The lost ones  don’t want to burden “them”.

David Lynch: Garmonbozia, buddy. TM  movement. Yes, 20 times more veterans died this year from suicide than  active duty personnel died in combat.

Words and phrases are used against us daily. They cause more mass destruction than missiles.

An  insurgent may be a hero in another land. The winners of war will always  write the history books. Afghanistan and Vietnam: Drugs.

Yes, an  ounce of weed will put you in jail longer than anyone involved in LIBOR  or the Gulf Oil spill. Free Marc Emery like the WM3. Damien Echols!  Natalie Maines, baba booey.

Politicians. All speak the same language. Think for yourself.

I  have trained monkeys to type this: ~. They evolved and wrote this to  me: I wan~ to visi~ ~he beings ~ha~ live in ~he ci~ies ~ha~ reside in  ~he dep~h of ~he oceans. You may no~ unders~and ~he fac~ ~ha~ I don'~  like i~ up here ~oo much.

Frank Zappa was more than just a genius  musician. Watch his old interviews on YouTube. I want to drink tea  someday with Diva and knit with her. Atoms For Peace in February. I miss  Chieftan Mews.

Try to convince yourself that you have been  brainwashed since Day 1 and live open-minded for a week. No bells, no  alarms, no rules, no money.

Beat to your own drum. Hey Ringo! Drones are flying overhead. LA LA LA LA LA  la la la la la!!

Fuck censorship.

Write  to me with an event that changed your life OR a story that changed your  world view forever. A prize reply will be returned in the form of a  code which you all will have to break on a website at a later date.


Citizen 1975-2606-1118-m
Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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